One Day Directors course

One Day Directors course

Course Description In this one day course there will be a focus on ‘communicating in a school setting’. ‘School profile’, ‘school policy’ and ‘school curriculum’ will be at the heart if this course. Next to that, participants will use their own personal vocab file to practise language skills such as listening, writing and speaking.

An English course for Day Care workers

Course Description This English course is meant to enable childcare workers to communicate with parents. There will be a focus on three topics: responsibilities, activities and general knowledge. To enhance vocab and improve English fluency situation card role play will be part of the program.

Cambridge certificate training

Course Description The teacher supplies materials and topics and focuses on active, productive skills (writing and speaking) and passive, receptive skills (watching & listening and reading). For basic grammar exercises Upper-Intermediate New Headway is used. Alquin magazine is used to enhance vocab and develop reading skills using present day topics. IELTS Practice Tests (by Simone… Continue reading Cambridge certificate training

Business English Course

Business English A2 – B1 Courses All the tasks at all levels have a modern business or work-related topic or context. Here you will learn office etiquette, how to communicate through written and speaking forms. We will take a look at what goes on in the office… • Understanding arrangements • Achieving great results via… Continue reading Business English Course

TOEIC Course

Course Description TOEIC courses (Test of English for International Communication) are developed by Think Smart English for learners according to the set CEFR guidelines. TSE offers a blended learning course for students who would like to work in an all English setting and would like to enhance their language skills. What Will I Learn? Practice… Continue reading TOEIC Course

Academic English – From First Steps to Masters (C2) Level

TSE offers academic courses on all levels (First step level, Primary, Preliminary, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate , Advanced, Proficiency and Masters level) in a blended learning setting. All skills will be addressed on CEFR levels.

Employability Course

Course Description This programme consists of a two-day course that discusses the tools and knowledge on how tobecome employable. The short introductory class is then followed by an after-care programme that lasts 3 weeks. During this time, students apply their newly learnt skills by using our resources to create CVs and cover letters, as well… Continue reading Employability Course

IELTS Course

Audit. The inscription on the missing element of the puzzle. Folded white puzzles elements and one red with text AUDIT. 3D Illustration

Course Description Test Request IELTS assess whether you are ready for studying within a study or training environment where the English language is used. A minimum IELTS score is required for entry into most Educational Institutes. Dependant on the current level of English a training plan will be created and developed. Because IELTS concentrates on the four sub skills (Listening,… Continue reading IELTS Course