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Tailored language lessons in-company

Our language workshops  (Dutch or English) take place in-company on request. Advantage of this on the job training is threefold: employees save precious travel time; it’s easier for the planning department to fit in these 1 hour workshops and in-company learning might motivate other workers to step in as well.

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Parent-Teacher course: 6 hours and 12 hours

General text (Parent-Teacher course) for home page: Writing report cards (used to monitor well-being and progress of children), focus on educational vocab and talking to parents in conversational English are the focus of both courses. Participants will make active use of the speaking cards available to be used in school set situations. This way participants all work on their Personal Word File.

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One Day Directors Course

In this one day course there will be a focus on ‘communicating in a school setting’. ‘School profile’, ‘school policy’ and ‘school curriculum’ will be at the heart of this course. Next to that, participants will use their own personal vocab file to practise language skills such as listening, writing and speaking.

Note: the more students, the lower the price per student.

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Cambridge certificate training

This course*) aims to pass the PET (B1) Cambridge Test. IELTS materials are used to complete the course. In the first weeks of the course all skills are trained separately by use of multiple course material. The course teacher will give written and/or oral feedback to all work that is handed in.

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Award Winning

The Corporate Livewire Netherlands Prestige Awards 2021/22 recognise small and medium-sized businesses that have proven to be the best in their market over the past 12 months. Think Smart English won the Best English School Award. And we’re proud of it.


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Book course: Follow this link to securely book on of our courses online.

Confirmation: You will receive an email of confirmation to confirm your acceptance. In addition you will receive full details of the course you have registered for.

Online placement test (to determine your level): before participating with the course you will receive an email.

The amount of students entering a course will range from Minimum group of 7 & Maximum 18 & individual 1-1’s.

Individual courses can start any time a teacher is available. In-company courses are planned by the company itself. Group courses will start in consultation with group members.