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These terms and conditions apply to bookings and enrolments made from this date 18th August 2019 until further notice.

1. Bookings are not transferable between students.

2. Payment agreement: Students must pay either in full payment or have agreed with the payment arrangement before TSE can issue registration documents. Payments arrangement will be made either monthly or every 3 months depending on the course.

3. Other charges: If bank or credit card charges apply, students or companies will bear the cost of transfers. The recipient must pay all bank charges in their country.

4. Late payment: TSE may refer debts older than 30 days to debt collection agents. Statutory interest and compensation fees may be charged as per European directive 2000/35/EC.

5. Cancellations are only valid if they are made in writing and their receipt confirmed by TSE.

6. Cancellations before programmes start: If a student cancels within 14 days after booking, there is no cancellation fee apart from actual costs incurred by TSE.

If a student cancels later, but before the programme starts, the cancellation fee is normally €70. But if TSE receives the cancellation less than 14 days before the start of the programme, the cancellation fee is €150.

7. Cancellations after programmes start: If a student arrives after the start of their course, is absent during the course, or leaves before the end of the course, TSE will not give a refund unless exceptional circumstances apply.

8. Cancellations by TSE: If TSE is unable to being a student’s course, a complete refund of fees paid to TSE will be paid back to the student.

9. Students with learning difficulties, disabilities, serious allergies or health problems must inform TSE about these issues when they book. Correct procedures can be put in place.

10. Student attendance and behaviour: If a student attends less than 80% of their course, they will not receive a course certificate. TSE will exclude students if their attendance or behaviour is unacceptable. Excluded students will not be given a refund.

11. Changes to courses and premises: TSE may change or alter a course, change the lesson times or hold lessons in suitable accommodation outside our main office.

12. Dutch public holidays: TSE is closed on Dutchnational holidays.

13. Christmas: TSE is closed for one week During Christmas and New Year.

14. Damage to property: Students or those responsible for them must pay the full cost of any damage they cause to our property.

15. Promotional photographs and videos: TSE may take videos or video clips during class activities and these images may be used in TSE publicity, on its social media platforms or website. We will only use these with your consent and, if you are under 18 years old, the consent of your parent/guardian.

16. Complaints and arbitration: In the event of a complaint that cannot be resolved by the client and TSE, the TSE Director will attempt to resolve the complaint. Please see European Consumer Centre (ECC) for more information.

17. Amendments: TSE updates its Terms and Conditions periodically. If there are any differences between the Terms and Conditions on any document and those on our website www.thinksmartenglish.com the web version will be valid and will override any previous version.

18. Non-enforcement of these terms and conditions does not waive our right to enforce them. All contracts and agreements with TSE will be governed by Dutch law.

19. COVID-19: Please do not attend any course when you displaying any symptoms of the corona virus (coughing, sneezing, fever, headaches…) or are generally feeling unwell.