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IELTS Course A1 - C1 IELTS & Fuctional Skills English From €572.75

From €572.75

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IELTS assess whether you are ready for studying within a study or training environment where the English language is used. A minimum IELTS score is required for entry into most Educational Institutes.

Dependant on the current level of English a training plan will be created and developed.

Because IELTS concentrates on the four sub skills (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking) we offer a free course of Functional Skills English which concentrates on developing these four sub skills in order to pass the whole IELTS course

Exams must be booked through British Council website. Please note: You must book your exams in advance due to high demand. Think Smart English will of course assist our clients with this.

IELTS & Fuctional Skills English

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