Employability Course

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2 day course Employability Course From €365.30

From €365.30

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Course Description

This programme consists of a two-day course that discusses the tools and knowledge on how tobecome employable. The short introductory class is then followed by an after-care programme that lasts 3 weeks. During this time, students apply their newly learnt skills by using our resources to create CVs and cover letters, as well as make phone calls for job enquiries.

What Will I Learn?

  • The basic of becoming employed within the local labour market
  • Creating a tailored CV and applications
  • Creating a motivational cover letter
  • Enhancing communication and other interpersonal skills
  • Learning how to become reliable and responsible
  • Developing people and soft skills
  • Identifying our own transferable skills
  • Time management

Course Requirments

There are no course requirements for this course

Duration: 2 day block course with a 6 weeks (3 hours x 3 mornings) aftercare course.

There will be an additional cost of €50 per person for the Intake.

Employability Course

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