B1+ Dutch Course

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15 week course B1+ Dutch Course From €546.25

From €546.25

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Course Description

Students at this level will consolidate their knowledge of Dutch grammar and extensively practice and develop their speaking and writing skills. By applying learnt theories and techniques in context. Moreover, students at this stage will have become independent speakers of Dutch, who are ready to express themselves on any subject in both a social and professional context.Students will actively use the Dutch language within class allowing them to expand with their vocabulary and fluency.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to become more spontaneous with answering questions
  • Participating in discussions, giving feedback and presenting
  • Ability to analyse data
  • Report writing
  • Construction of sentences with minimal ease, at a high level.
  • Syntax & semantics constructions

Course Requirments

  • Students will have a good understanding of the grammar at this stage. Will already know approximately 2000 words with the ability of applying them. Speaking will be at a good standard in order to develop fluency.

B1+ Dutch Course

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