Academic English- Proficiency (C1) level

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35 week course Proficiency (C1) level From €872.63

From €872.63

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Course Description

On completion, students will be able to evidence a wide range of vocabulary from individual words to collocations. Students will be able to evidence their knowledge and control of structures and organisation of the language. Proficiency is C1 on the Common European Framework of Reference and an Aim Awards Level 2 qualification on the UK National Qualification Framework. Certificates are issued from the UK meaning they are recognised worldwide.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to write a clear, organised text on descriptive, narrative, or discursive topics, including giving opinion and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of a given issue
  • Writing letters, both formal and informal
  • Reading and responding to a longer text on any topic, concrete or abstract
  • Providing an accurate summary of a text
  • Using language to perform any function likely to arise in a normal social or learning context
  • Manipulating structures to create emphasis, and vary style and idiom
  • Listening and responding accurately to passages and questions in a variety of forms and contexts, delivered at a normal speaking pace

Course Requirments

Will have a very good understanding of the language. Now students will be able to apply their previously learnt skills at a higher level.

Duration: 50 hours x 2 hour lessons per week. 25 weeks in total.

There will be an additional cost of €50 per person for the Intake.

Proficiency (C1) level

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