Academic English – Primary level

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30 week course Primary level From €591.50

From €591.50

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Course Description

By the end of the course, students will be able to tell the time with minimal ease. Identifying the differences with American & British English. Ability to describe present actions, habits, routines and everyday activities. Learning how to communicate how often an action or event takes place Students will also learn how to give personal and family information. Students will look at affirmative, negative & question form sentences. Certificates are issued from the UK meaning they are recognised worldwide.

What Will I Learn?

  • About 400 words (the First Step and Junior words plus 200 more) in familiar categories like jobs, feelings, weather
  • Students will learn how to make questions and answers
  • Learning ability; How to say you can and can’t do things
  • Basic sentences saying; you’ve got things, like things, haven’t got things and don’t like things
  • How to say the time and describe when things happen / are happening
  • Students will learn how to understand messages
  • Differences between Present continuous and Present Simple.

Course Requirments

A basic understanding of the English language with a minimum of 300 vocabulary words.

Duration: 30 hours x 1 hour lessons per week. 30 weeks in total.

There will be an additional cost of €50 per person for the Intake.

Primary level

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