Academic English- First Steps level

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20 week course First Steps level 731.50


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Course Description

By the end of this level, students will be able to say individual words and basic introductions. They will become knowledgeable with the numbers 1 – 10, colours and matching pictures to text. Confidence building at this level is the key in order to progress. This is achieved through a fun learning technique. Certificates are issued from the UK meaning they are recognised worldwide.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to answer yes & no questions.
  • Be able to confidently count from 1 – 10
  • Will be able to recognise the days of the weeks, identifying letters
  • Concentration on phonetics
  • Learn how to captivate your audience
  • Students will have a basic vocabulary recognition of about 100 words
  • Students will be able to read and follow simple instructions
  • Understanding the language of basic identification

Course Requirments

Students will have no or very little prior knowledge of the English language. Beginners level

Duration: 20 hours x 1 hour lessons per week. 20 weeks in total.

There will be an additional cost of €50 per person for the Intake.

First Steps level

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Academic English- First Steps level

First Steps level

20 week course 731.50

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