Academic English-Elementary (A2) level

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30 week course Elementary level A2 1231.25pp (or) Groupd of 8 = €722.50pp

1231.25pp (or) Groupd of 8 = €722.50pp

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Course Description

By the end of the course students willhave sufficient active vocabulary and structural understanding to be able to write a short connected text on descriptive or narrative topics. Students will learn how to structure an essay according what type of essay they write; narrative, descriptive and imaginative. Learning how to apply grammar and formulas efficiently.Certificates are issued from the UK meaning they are recognised worldwid

What Will I Learn?

  • Ability to read and understand a text from a familiar range of topics
  • Learn how to ask and answer questions about past or present events
  • Distinguishing between and use of a variety of tenses in familiar contexts: past, present and future
  • Expressing basic intention, purpose, obligation, preference and giving advice
  • Various grammar

Course Requirments

Will have a good understanding of the language. Now students will be able to apply their previously learnt skills.

Duration: 30 hours x 1 hour lessons per week. 30 weeks in total.

There will be an additional cost of €50 per person for the Intake.

Elementary level A2

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