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Our services

Top Quality Education at Affordable Prices.

Language lessons in-company

Our language lessons take place in-company on request. Advantages of this on the job training is threefold: employees safe precious travel time; it’s easier for the planning department to fit in these 1 hour lessons and in-company learning might motivate other workers to step in as well.

Teachers workshops in schools

Lessons at our own school in Netersel

One-to-one and group lessons

Online lessons


Our Courses

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Book course: Follow this link to securely book on of our courses online.

Confirmation: You will receive an email of confirmation to confirm your acceptance. In addition you will receive full details of the course you have registered for.

Online placement test (to determine your level): before participating with the course you will receive an email.

The amount of students entering a course will range from Minimum group of 7 & Maximum 18 & individual 1-1’s.

Individual courses can start any time a teacher is available. In-company courses are planned by the company itself. Group courses will start in consultation with group members.